So here’s my first big piece done in Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro for iPad, Using the DAGi stylus. at this point I can safely say, for the reasons that I originally invested in them for, they have proven their worth, and I’m really happy at how well this turned out.

Sketchbook pro for iPad (or iOS or even android) is a really powerful tool despite how much I paid for it. mainly the thing that stands out is the .PSD export function which means you can finish up on photoshop (which is what I’ve done, the adding stuff and putting the comic together was all done in Photoshop). I suppose the expense all went into the Piepad huh?


We can all agree that its certainly a powerful app and I recommend getting it if you’re looking for something to draw on your mobile or tablet device, iOS or android. I don’t even have to tell you that.

What matters is, what you use to draw with.

Obviously using your finger is kind of… not right. So obviously you’re better off getting yourself a capacitive stylus.

A google search doesn’t really yeild a lot of helpful results (that might be because you’re using a very technical term, try googling ipad stylus instead) but in my search for a drawing companion I came up with two potential choices.

  1. First one is Pogo’s range of nub styluses which look to be easily available in Australia.
  2. Second is the lesser known, by the look of how much the site looks, DAGi Corporation that have different styluses which are located in Taiwan and will ship to Australia.

Upon reading about each one (especially on this thread) I found that the Pogo nubby styluses actually wear out and aren’t particularly right either. its more natural to draw with a point right?

That’s where DAGi come in.

Their styluses are pointed but their workaround is a pad on a spring, meaning you can see exactly what you’re pointing at which is more natural. A similar experience would be using the Nintendo DS’s stylus (‘cept you have a lot more screen to draw on) as also its pointed.

Although since DAGi seem like a small buisness, with their site looking quite unfinished (putting it politely), rest assured they will do the business. They were even kind enough to send me a complimentary extra one completely free. It’s a nice gesture and for the most part the freebie stylus does the work.

It might be tricky on scribbling out those small bits (I just didn’t think to zoom in on that point though) but yeah, it works and for cheap as free, I have no right to complain.

In conclusion, if you’re actually looking for a stylus or looking into a iOS or Android tablet drawing solution, Definitely consider DAGi. I mean, they could do with being able to afford to make their site look nicer.

As for the drawing… eh, not much to it. saw the weather gadget said ‘sprinkles’ and thought of this. So its pretty much on a whim.

Here’s hoping I have more whims, hey? 

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